By clicking on the top right of the user icon and then the menu item "Segment" you can create and change segments.

Create segments

You create a new segment by clicking the "+ NEW SEGMENT" button. Here you give the segment a suitable name that describes which data the segment contains. Separate data by first selecting which filters the segment should contain ex. Recruiter. You will now be able to see all data, for example, a specific recruiter in the segment you have created. The next step is to select a "tag" ex. Business area. This determines what the segment shows. You create it by clicking "+ add filter on the tag". If you choose the eg. business area you will also be able to add a value eg. customer service.

Creating segments is an important part if you want to limit the data and easily follow eg. How recruiters that are conducting interviews for customer service roles perform in the interview phase. You can then invite eg. a customer service manager to that segment. Are you not sure how to create a segment and limit the data in the way you want? Contact us in the chat, or get in touch with your contact person and we will help you.

Change segment

To change a segment that you have already created, click on the three points to the right of the segment you want to change. Here you see the settings you made and can save the segment with new settings.

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