Boards are your opportunity to create a unique view with different Cards (data in the form of charts or tables) that are saved between your logins. You can choose whether Boards should be public or private. If they are public, anyone who has access to that segment can see your Boards and the Cards that you have created in a board. You add a new Board by clicking "+ Add Board" in the menu to the left. You can add Cards by clicking "+ NEW CARD" or by "duplicating" an existing card under settings on your board. This is where you make your Boards public/private and change the name of your Board.

To create charts and display data in different ways, you create Cards, on your Board. You can create how many cards you want and place them the way you want to compare different feedback questions, different time periods or to filter the data in different ways. Everything is built to give you an easy way to compare your data in the best way. Read more under the section “Cards” to understand how to build your Boards in the best way.


A Card gives you the opportunity to display data in the form of charts or tables created under "Explore" or by clicking "Add Card" inside a Board. When you create a Card, you can change the Card's name by clicking on "Rename" (displayed as a small green pen). You can also see which settings and filters you have on a question by clicking on the three bars or by looking in the menu by clicking on the three points. Click on the three points to change the unique settings for that Card type, or Copy the Card, Delete the Card, or Explore that question further and change the filtering options.

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