Questions (located in the menu to the left on the dashboard) let you explore the questions used in your feedback forms, and filter them based on recruiting step and question type.

This gives you an overview of all your questions and the possibility to add questions and feedback to your Boards to analyze.

This article contains:

  • How to use Questions

  • Filtering question data

  • Add question (Card) to a Board

How to use Questions

1. Start off by going to the Questions view in the dashboard.

2. Select which Steps of the recruitment process and what Question types you want to explore (you can select multiple steps and types).

3. You will see the questions (white background) you filtered and also follow-up questions (gray background) if you have any.

4. Click at the specific question you want to look at to explore it.

You can now see the outcome of that question. The next step is to filter out question data and later add it to one of your boards. This is described below.

Filtering question data

Filtering question data let you break down feedback either by tags, question answers, or proxies (contact us in the chat if you want to use proxies), and also compare to other dates, segments, or tags.

Here's how to filter and compare question data:

  1. Make sure you have clicked on a question (as described under How to use questions). This will open up a screen similar to the one on the above image.

  2. In the column to the right, you can see Tags. Based on tags you have added you can add tags and e.g see data for a specific country, recruiter, or department. It's possible to filter using multiple tags.

  3. Answers let you filter based on answers your candidates have given to questions. E.g. filter out everyone who answered 9 and 10 (ambassadors) to your CNPS question.

  4. You find Compare just below the question name. Compare data to different time periods (date) or to your tags (e.g. recruiter, job ad title)

Add question (as Card) to a Board

This explains how you can add a Card to a Board once you have followed the above steps and chosen question and filtered it.

  1. Click Save (highlighted on the above image)

  2. Choose what Board you want to add the question (Card) to or choose the option to create a new board (scroll to the bottom of the list)

  3. Done! Simple as that.

The possibilities are many when you start exploring your data. Do you any need support?

Just contact us at Trustcruit in the chat and we will help you straight away!

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