• Ranking Bar

  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • Performance compared to others

  • Development over time

Ranking Bar

The Ranking Bar is one of our most powerful parts of the dashboard when wanting to have the full overview and compare your performance throughout the company, to our global benchmarks.

Choose to benchmark your performance against global, public sector, private, or recruitment. And switch what steps to compare (application, interview, rejection).

Press COMPARE MORE to compare your internal segments to global benchmarks.

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths and weaknesses show you a list of the questions you perform best vs. worst at. Priority to the right indicates how serious the weakness is or how great a strength is.

Choose to see questions from all forms or specific forms (application, interview, rejection).

If you want to discover more strengths and weaknesses, simply press SHOW MORE...

Performance compared to others

Under Performance compared to others you get insights into how you are performing in comparison to all our customers' average results on our standard questions:

  • After application

  • After an interview

  • and after rejection.

In this way, you can quickly see if you are above or below the average performance of a Trustcruit customer.

The black center line shows the average performance for everyone. The orange bar below the centerline indicates performance below average and the green bar indicates performance better than average. A tall orange or green bar indicates that your result is far from the average result.

Do you want to know how to analyze, compare, and filter your data? Go to Explore Cards and Boards for more information.

Development over time

Here we show you Trustcruit key metrics to analyze over time:

  • The overall impression of the application process

  • Technical issues in the application process

  • cNPS after Interview and after rejection

All shown on a graph to make it easier to track your performance over time.

The yellow dotted line shows the Trustcruit average during the period of time you have chosen. And the green is your organizations average

Do you want to read more about cNPS? Learn more here

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